Friday, December 17, 2010

Damn You, USA Network

As if being semi-dissatisfied with my current employment situation were not enough, I am reminded a few times a month of the fact that someone out there has my dream job. Damn you, USA Network.

What's that, you say? What, KRD, would you rather be doing than shaping young minds, inspiring critical thinking, grading for hours and hours a week? What I would rather be doing, maybe the one thing that I would rather be doing, is repackaging past episodes of SVU for weekend marathons. This job brings together three of my all-time favorite things: 1) watching SVU episodes, 2) making mixes, 3) devising and executing themes.

I swear that I could improve upon the tired "Killer _______" template. ("Killer Couples" "Killer Blondes" "Killer Clergy"--ok, I actually kinda liked that one. "Killer Clowns"--no, but there have been a couple clown episodes. Maybe enough enough for a "Killer Clown" marathon. Hmm.) I would also not go the cheesy holiday theme route ("Red, White and Blue"; "Scare-a-thon"). I would provide more ideas for BD Wong-centered marathons ("Gaysian Studies" anyone?) and certainly a would suggest a conspiracy-theoried John Munch marathon.

If life were more like Showgirls--and let's face it, it should be--I'd find the person standing between me and my dream job, and I'd shove her down a ridiculously dangerous staircase in order to steal her job, her boyfriend, and the adoration of all of Las Vegas. Or just the adoration of the legions of SVU fans.

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  1. Well, holy shit. Someone wrote a post.

    Just so you know, KRD, we are planning a full-scale relaunch of the site in the coming months. We've been keeping it on the down-low, but it is happening. Details to come (or available via email).